Spring in Bloom

Ive been feeling very inspired lately. It might be that spring is emerging. The winter blues have finally left and it is getting warm in California. The combo of the sun, and the new season, and the blooming flowers is enough to inspire me through June, not to mention my 18th Birthday and my  Graduation is in may. I have been on the lookout for farmers markets, blooming flower fields, and other places to shoot, but since those haven’t popped up yet, I have happily settled with Fresh bouquets from the market! My two favorite spots to purchase these fresh blooms are Whole Foods, and the Sacramento Food Co-Op. Whole Foods is a more accessible store, country wide, so if you head over, be sure to keep an eye out for Sales in the floral department. Just this last weekend Whole Foods had a sale on Tulips in every color of the rainbow, 5-6 flowers in a bunch for $5.00. Wonderful deal. Not only do I enjoy using flowers for photos on my Instagram and on the blog, it’s just a nice little luxury to reward yourself with. Purchase them on Mondays for a little extra weekly cheer!

Stay Stylish,

– Chloe🌸

To see these pics & more, Check out my Instagram: @chloeadara <<

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