Get To Know Me ❤ 10 Facts

I will be writing a lot on this blog so I figured you guys should get to know me a little bit. Let’s jump right into it.

1. I’m vegetarian
It’s a choice I made simply because I don’t really eat meat that much and when I do I don’t really enjoy it so I just figured I would cut it out of my diet completely, however I do eat cheese, dairy and things like that. Coincidentally not milk Ive just always preferred almond milk.

2. I’m a jack of all trades?

When I was younger I took pretty much every dance under the sun, and have saying my whole life. At one point I even did musical theater, that combines the two. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and love coming up with the recipes from simple to gourmet. I did cheer for four years and gymnastics for two. I’m currently doing yoga and looking into starting boxing for strength training. I have yet to, but I’m really interested in trying acting, because I love how people can become a whole other person for the entertainment of the world.

3. I am German

I am not from Germany, but my Great great grandparents came here from Germany. I’m in the process of learning German and working to keep the culture and the traditions alive in my family. I’ve worked with my family to re-create classic German recipes and have researched many different German holidays. I can’t wait to travel there someday.

4. I lived in England

When I was younger my mom and I moved with her husband to his home in England and we lived there for 6 months to a year. Though I was about four, it was such a big journey that most of it stayed in my memory. I still remember the town we lived in and every detail of the house. I went to kindergarten there and was actually ambidextrous, but unfortunately when we got back to the states, The kindergarten I went to in California made me pick a hand.

5. I’m a lefty

Like I was saying when we got back to California my school required that I choose only one hand to write with and I guess for me that was my left hand. It’s really not different from right-handed people except the frustration of living in a right-hand world. Mugs are struggle because the handles are always on the right side, and also whenever I write in standard format from left to right my hand smudges the ink and pencil lead. Ugh, The struggle.

6. I live in California

I honestly couldn’t of picked a better state. Though there’s many other states that I want to visit and possibly move to, California will always be home. Can’t complain about the sunshine and the palm trees. Also the constant 77° year-round. Not to mention it’s the birthplace of some of the greatest rap artists known.

7. I’m addicted to Old school rap

I’ll admit it’s a problem. I’ve got iTunes albums, CDs, and a record or two from NWA, ice cube, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and a few others with the exception of some New Age rappers like Kendrick Lamar, YG, and E-40, because they’ve got that same Old school style.

8. I am obsessed with writing

I realize I should probably start a blog when my love for fashion and my love for writing both became apparent. Blogging is great because you can combine the two and take off running. I didn’t start a blog for a long time because I thought that the writing portion would be hard for me but it’s just talking, and speaking my mind. I mean I’ve always had an A+ in English.

9. I love Minimalism

Minimalism is great because it is so simple. White, black, gray, all colors I think of when I think of minimalism. To me minimalism represents a clean, fresh space, and for me that helps inspire me and come up with new ideas.

10. I want to work with athletes

I want to major in kinesiology with a minor in sports medicine. If you don’t know what that’s about, to break it down, when you were on the sidelines of any sporting event and you see a player get hurt the doctor that tends to themand sees them off the field for pain management, prescriptions, physical therapy, and advice, that is what a doctor in sports medicine does.

Stay Stylish,

– Chloe🌸

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