Fall Apology🍂

Hey Blog, viewers, and anyone that happens to read this. I’m sorry. I’ve been slacking. My summer was crazier than I could put into words. Long story short. Graduation, Contacted for a paid internship in Santa Barbara, California, Hired, moved all of my (small) life down there, 3 months for the summer, fun times, wonderful and happy memories, moved home just in time for autumn. I have had such a pleasant autumn so far. I have gone apple picking, pumpkin patch peeping, and begrudgingly went on a hay ride, which I regretted afterwards because of my allergies. I wore so many cute outfits on those adventures. I have been slowly collecting cute autumn and winter staple pieces since late July. I am glad now, because I have had such great times mixing and matching staple pieces and minimal pieces. I can confidently say I have been able to find my style. Surely, like many others it is a mix of eras, and it makes me so happy. Throwback to those middle school days when all I wore was Aeropostale… yikes😳. I used to despise my parents for taking me to go thrift shopping with them and looking for hours through consignment stores. I was little and bored but now, I live for it. It’s like a treasure hunt and I am always so excited when I find a vintage treasure. Patting myself on the back here, I was at a Thrift store over the summer, in Santa Barbara, and was looking to find a cute black backpack to use as a bag. Found one that was a very simple, minimal leather backpack with a little gold turning clasp. I pad $10.00 for it. Two days later I went out to dinner with my sister. She walked up to our table and had a bag the same as my backpack but it was an olive green purse. She informed me that mine was a vintage Coach bag just like hers, and to my surprise I opened the bad and there it was. I could have died happy there. A big change for the fall time. I have died my hair Ginger. I say ginger because red, and orange, make me think of Haley Williams, not that there is anything wrong with Paramore (big fan🙋🏼🙈) but I was going more for ‘girl from Scotland’. I feel it’s a great choice for autumn, and strangely, I feel like me. Like who I am supposed to be. I haven’t known anything else other than blonde my whole life, so it was a hard change, and I will miss my blonde hair, and I’m sure I’ll come around full circle once more, but for now I am so excited to journey through life with this color, and transition to brown, and maybe even black. Well that is all for now, hope you enjoyed this little read/ autumn update.
-Chloe Adara🍂

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