New Years Eve

New Year, New Clothes.

I feel as though every year, in December, we get so swept up in the holidays, and the year coming
to a close that when December 28th rolls around we scramble like mad men to plan a party for the night of December 31st.
It can get stressful. Trust me, I know. So in order to make it a little easier for you, I came up with 3 outfit Ideas for New Years Eve, that will work for the Classy one, the Edgy one, and the Vintage doll.


Outfit #1 : The Classy One

Dress: This dress is my absolute fave. I love the MOD 60’s style cut, with the modern twist being it is COVERED in
gold sequins. It is from, I love this shop’s party dresses, so much glitz and glam. Mine doesn’t have sleeves,
but this one is identical, except it has 3 quarter sleeves.

Earrings: These earrings totally tie in with the MOD theme, adding a bit of detail and dazzle to the outfit.
They are drop earrings the hang about 2 inches from your earlobe. They are rose gold and so cute on.

Shoes: The shoes I chose to pair with this outfit, Ive owned for about a year. I purchased them at Forever 21.
They were Patent Leather, Nude, 2 strap, mock Disco Platform heels. Quite a pair. These are faux suede and would be just a cute.


Outfit #2: The Edgy One

Shirt: 3 words. Sequined covered Peplum. This shirt is ah-mazing. Not only is it cute for a party, but next to dressing it up,
you can dress it down, or lower. I paired this glittery top with hoop earrings, ripped jeans and my favorite pair of Chelsea ankle boots.


Jeans: Black. Ripped jeans. Need I say more?

Chelsea: Recently purchased my dream shoes, NBD. But Really, I’m seriously in love with these boots. Talk about versatility, these boots take the cake,
and the frosting, and the sprinkles. The cherry on top? They were only $40, ACME better watch out.

Hoops: Also from Charlies.


Outfit #3: The Vintage Doll

Dress: I’ve owned this gorgeous vintage Gatsby style dress for ages. I originally purchased it from Abercrombie & Fitch for $72. It is a light pink, chiffon, mini
dress with intricate beading detail on the top, giving it a glamorous 1920’s vibe, beckoning it to be danced all night in. I found a very similar dress for only $16 more.
This one is almost a dead ringer, to about the knee, but with more beading down the dress. If I didn’t already have 3 outfits for New Years Eve, I would be purchasing this
dress myself.

Shoes: Simple, yet chic. Less is more, as they say.


It is safe to say all of these outfits keep the 3 most important things in New year eve outfit, in check.

1. Convenience: AKA sequins are spill proof my friends, or at least an easy wipe.
2. Trends: This is like the one event a year where you can dress as glamorous and crazy as you want with out people staring at you, as if you were crazy. Well except for New York
Fashion Week. And Paris Fashion Week. And Milan Fashion Week. But that’s not the point.
3: Dancing Shoes: All three pairs of these shoes are some of my personal favorites because of the combined style and comfort when wearing them for long periods, I mean you will be
dancing all night long, right?
May the music be loud, the night be long, and your glass never empty.

Happy New Year, Dolls.
XOXO, Chloe

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