Whats in my Bag?


Whats in my Bag.

I don’t know about you, but these are absolutely one of my favorite posts to read, and videos to watch.
Maybe I’m nosey, but I get so much inspiration from these. I love seeing what products, beauty items, and other bits and bobs people carry around with them on the day-to-day, so I figured I would give it a shot.


First off, my actual bag. I was tired of carrying around a tote this summer so I went on the hunt for a little black backpack. While at a Thrift shop in Santa Barbara, I found an adorable little black leather backpack with a twist latch for $10. I grabbed it without another thought and bought it, and upon later inspection for what brand it was, I discovered it was an Authentic Coach bag, original tags, print and all. I was Psyched. It quickly became my go to bag. It is medium-sized, has double straps, is charcoal black leather, which matches everything, and has a ton of space for such a little backpack.

WIMB 2 coach bag

Inside I always carry around a notebook. I prefer to jot down notes, info, and plans on paper, so I can
go back and reference them rather than using say an iPhone notepad. It’s always handy to keep one of these because you never know when creativity will strike you. I am constantly at a coffee shop, grocery store, or out and about and get new blog post ideas, and video ideas and I love having a note-book handy so I can just jot the ideas down. I just got this adorable black one as a gift from my grandmother. The front is covered in what appears to be boarding times for different destinations. It is from the brand Moleskine.

WIMB 6 notebook

Next few items would be, 1. These fab Steve Madden frames I just purchased. These glasses are big, which I adore, and matte black, which is my favorite color/texture combo.

WIMB 5 sm glasses

2. New “Black” fragrance mist and hand cream from Bath & Body works. These are from their Cosmic collection. This fragrance has hints of Sandalwood, notes of vanilla, and musk. Not to mention the fact that they are totally
aesthetically pleasing, but the best part is that B&B does not test on animals, so all of their products are cruelty free. We love a woke, affordable, and caring company.

WIMB 4 b&b Black fragrances

3. Lipstick. Along with a tube of Rosebud Salve, that you will never see me without, I
always carry a lipstick with me so if on a whim, I decide that I need to do myself up a little more, simply reapply what
I was wearing, or even change the shade, I have at least two options with me. The one pictured is Mac Cosmetics’ Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick
in the shade “Feels so Grand”.

WIMB 3 mac retro matte lip cream

Last but not least I carry my phone with me, pretty much always, with a black case.
Sensing a theme yet?

Let me know in the comment section some of the items you always have in your bag!
XOXO, Chloe







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