I have loved monochromatic outfits since I was young. Mixing neutral tones, or pairing the same tones is pretty much my favorite way to style myself and others. I adore all black, all white, and most neutrals in between, though I love the occasional pop of red, or splash of pastel. I have decided that this is what I will mostly feature in my fashion posts. It has such a clean, organized feel to it, I have always admired other bloggers and stylists, that work with photographers that can capture the essence of a monochromatic outfit. My favorite blogger would hands down be @FIGTNY. She truly knows her way around black, white, and grey, and really puts thought into the outfits that she styles and the content that she creates. As I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts, I admire Swedish style, & architecture because it is usually monochromatic. I put together a monochromatic outfit the other day and figured I would share it. Since I wear stuff like this all the time it slipped my mind to post about it, and I am guilty of having this preconceived thought that being a fashion blogger, means posting something new, trendy, and colorful, as that is what I see, not all, but a lot of fashion bloggers post. I will definitely learn a lot on this journey, but for now I am learning what it means to post the content that I want, and share my personal style, not the style that I think will get me the most “likes ” on Instagram, or what others want to see.

Now, to the outfit!

Shirt: Cropped white, off-the-shoulder, basic tee. I’ve worn this with so many different things, and can use it in different styles, and that is why I only love four main colors in my wardrobe. Also the shirt is sheer, so I had to decide if the bra being shown was important to me or not, and I decided, not. To everyone who feels the urge to tell me they can see my bra showing through the shirt, I say to you… Enjoy 🙂

Skirt: Nasty Gal lace up front, leather,  mini skirt. Thrifted this for a mere $6. Can you believe it? I was pretty excited.

Shoes: Black pumps from Forever 21. Simple, yet pulls the outfit together.

Coat: Thrifted this one as well. I’m a big lover of vintage thrift shops and consignment stores. The original brand is London Fog. It is mixed Black and White material woven like salt and pepper almost resembling television static.

Earrings: Bauble Bar. Purchased at Anthropologie.

Glasses: My newest obsession is over these glasses. I featured them in my ‘What’s in my Bag’ post, if you haven’t already read it, you should. They were $12.

Again, I just feel this happiness with blogging now, and as if this pressure was taken off my shoulders to make my blog like everyone else’s, or reminiscent of. Its definitely not what blogging should be about. Very excited to share my Style, Inspiration, and Outfits with everyone reading.

XOXO, Chloe

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