My Travel Bucket List + a peek into the past

When I was about 4, my mother and I moved to England. Though I was very young and the memories have mostly all faded away, lately I have been remembering things from our time there. Let me tell you, nostalgia is so bittersweet. My heart wants nothing more than to go back, now as an adult to our house in the British country side. We lived about 10 minutes outside Bury St. Edmunds, which we would frequent every chance we got, as it is full of livelihood like London, without the hustle and bustle of a big city. Bury St. Edmunds is about 35 minutes to the left of Cambridge and, nearly an hour and a half above London. We would wake up on any given morning and walk down the long, misty, gravel covered driveway and make our way down the dirt road, all bundled up, to a park in the middle of the field adjacent to the road. The house we lived in was a rather large, ivy covered, brick cottage. It was two stories high with a long circular drive way, a rose garden, a huge tennis court, and about 100 feet from the back door was a medium sized lake that a family of swans would swim around on. You get more bang for your buck when you don’t live in a big city, or romanticized place like California, or New York. In the winter it would snow and we would build snowmen *queue the song* outside, or skate around in puddles of water that had frozen solid overnight. I went to primary school in a little catholic academy in Bury st. Edmunds. We had to dress up in uniform, ties, blazers and all. We would travel to London on the weekends and walk for hours admiring the town. It was a dream, faraway now, but I am determined to go back. I have watched home videos lately from our time there and it makes me want to travel back so badly. Bury st. Edmunds and Cambridge are first on my Bucket List. While we’re near, stay and play in London for a day or two before making our way from Heathrow to Glasgow. Edinburgh, Scotland, then to Inverness. More often than I would like, my choices for places I want to travel to, have been influenced by Movies & Television. Film is such a big part of my life, its hard to not have it influence a lot of the travel decisions I make, wanting to go somewhere, purely for the nostalgic feelings I would get being there, and remembering the film or television show that influenced me to visit. My mother and I are lovers of Scotland for many reasons, Starz Outlander being a good 2/3rds of that reason. If you know, you know. I am a huge fan of good beer and great conversation, as many people from Scotland are. Also the pubs and the nightlife in Edinburgh are said to be awesome. Plus with my red hair, I mean, it’s just beckoning me to visit. Next on my Bucket list is traveling to Stockholm, Sweden. I am a lover of Coffee, and if you know a bit about the swedes, they have Fika, which is essentially, a break in your day, to sit with friends or loved ones, and drink coffee with sweets. I can get down with that. I’m also a fan of a certain, well-known, Swedish acting family. I have talked about Sweden a lot on my blog, because of the cities aesthetic, so I am planning on carving out 4 or 5 days to spend there. Next, being german myself, I have always been drawn to the country, I would especially love to go around the Holidays, as they have Christmas markets. If you’re a shopaholic and foodie, like me, it’s a must visit. Though when I picture myself traveling, it would have to be to Munich in early October to visit during the infamous Oktoberfest. I would probably sit around and stare at all the people (thousands of people travel to Munich every cal for Oktoberfest), and listen to the folk music in full Dirndl, braids and all all whilst in a Soft Pretzel coma accompanied by all the Doppelbock I could drink. Sounds like heaven to me. A little history behind Oktoberfest, incase you thought its just about eating and drinking, which it totally is btw, in the 1500’s some lawmakers in Bavaria were like “Hey, you can’t brew beer from april to september or else some wild bacteria and gross yeast will grow and we need to have some quality assurance here, so only the cooler months” aka October through the winter season. Besides Munich in October, I have wanted to visit the Nueschwanstein castle, one of the most gorgeous and ornate, castles in Bavaria that I have ever seen (on the internet.) tucked away in german countryside. It is said that the Nueschwanstein castle is the same castle that Walt Disney drew inspiration from when creating Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. With gorgeous country sides, coastal towns, and hip, fast cities, Berlin being #1 on my list, *cough cough* Atomic Blonde, Germany is a priority. Another big one, possibly the biggest on my list is Iceland. When I say its a dream of Iceland, I am not kidding. Several times I have had actual dreams of standing on a black sand beach looking out to the crystal blue water, watching massive ice chucks float near the shore. For year I have wanted to float in their famous natural hot spring in Grindavik, The Blue Lagoon. No actual movie influence here, just in awe of its natural cinematic beauty. I have thought of all the Film footage, Photography, and Instagram photos I could capture while visiting Iceland. Absolutely Top 5.

Next would be France. For many cities and reasons other than the quintessential but beautiful paris, which I have traveled to before when I lived in England. I have old friends that live in Paris and the South of France, Camille & Marie, if you read this, tu me manques, bisous. I am totally obsessed with coffee, I would probably go to Paris just to visit as many Cafés as I could. I am also a history NERD. Just a mere obsession with French history. 1449? English defeat in Orleans by Joan of Arc and troops. Dunkirk Beach. July 14th 1789? The storming, and burning of The Bastille. Uhhh… Château de Versailles. So many historical sites to visit, it would be a hay day. Last but certainly not least, Venice Italy. I could go on about the Food, Art, Music, and could go on for longer about how it was, next to Florence, one of the main birthplaces of the Italian renaissance, but I’ll just say this, The Tourist. If you haven’t watched it, you need too. Stunning graphics, and cinematography. Plus Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

Okay so to recap so far, we have, Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge, & London in England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, France, & Italy.

  1. London, England.
  2. Bury St. Edmunds, England.
  3. Inverness, Scotland.
  4. Scottish Highlands, UK.
  5. Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.
  6. Oldtown, Stockholm.
  7. Café somewhere in Germany.
  8. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria.
  9. Road in Iceland.
  10. Black sand beach, Iceland.
  11. Blue Lagoon, Iceland.
  12. Balcony somewhere in Paris.
  13. Le Tabac De La Sorbonne, Paris, France.
  14. Venice, Italy.
  15. Grand Canal, Venice, Italy.

For now, Internationally, that is all that is on my list, but I’m sure I’ll be adding new places soon. Inside the US, a couple of places that I’ve been itching to travel too, Los Angeles. A film capital. As a California resident, yes, I have been there many times before, but it is more of a yearly tradition to go there, that a new travel expedition. If anything I would be going to cross it off for 2018, but instead I might visit another film capital like Atlanta, GA, or Vancouver, BC. Next is Portland, Oregon, and  Seattle, Washington. Ah the PNW. Foggy, über trendy, and oh so nostalgic. I could not pin point the nostalgia that I feel for the PNW if I tried. It just has that vibe.  I figured they are so close, I might as well go to both. New York is next on the US list. I am thinking about going there for my Birthday this year. I think that would be fabulous, waking up in New York on my birthday. Again, about being a foodie, NEED TO GO. You already know I’m going to hit up By Chloe while I’m there.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this little nostalgic trip back in time, and My Travel Bucket List, I will update you all on any coming ventures outside of my lovely little Sacramento, and be sure to write some posts and Vlog about it as I will soon be linking my YouTube to my blog.

XOXO, Chloe

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