Capsule Wardrobe

So you want to minimize your closet?

It’s daunting I know, trust me, I know. Being a blogger of Fashion and Beauty, I used to think I needed to have all the latest, trendiest pieces in my wardrobe, all the time. That can become hectic. I have always found tranquility in minimalism, as have thousands of other people. There are many factors that go into minimalism; practicing minimalism; being a minimalist, and one of those factors is that less is always more.

Less is always more.

It might be hard to grasp (when it comes to clothing) so I’ll break it down.


Over packing becomes Under packing.

How can you fit 200 outfits into 1 suitcase?

It is almost like an equation, but follow it carefully and you will an have unlimited amount of possibilities (in outfit choices).

If you pack 8 Skirts & 8 Tops that can all be interchanged, well that is already 64 different outfits.

If you stick to BWNGNG (black, white, navy, grey, nude, green), the ROYGBV of the neutral world, that is already 6 Top options, and then 2 other Tops, say Stripes and another classic print or logo top.

Bottoms: 8 Skirts

Add to your suitcase, the variables of 1 knit shrug, 1 cardigan, & 1 blazer, you have just increased the number of choices from 64 to 192.

That’s not including Shoes, Sunglasses, Hays, Belts, & Scarves, Ect.

Example 2:

Clear your closet.

No I don’t mean throw your wardrobe out, I mean clear it. Clear it of things you don’t ever wear, or haven’t worn in the last 6 months, of tacky, loud prints and colors. Keep it clean, simple, and classic.

You can follow this list from

I hope you utilize these tips, and this list on compact wardrobes and use them to create your own Capsule Wardrobe.

XOXO, Chloe

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