My Netflix recommendations

What you should watch, ASAP!

I am an avid Netflix user, like I really get my money’s worth. I get invested into a show and I don’t stop until I’ve binge-watched the whole series or finished it and whined that a new season isn’t out yet. I have mentioned before I am quite the show snob, and a lover of historical dramas, so there are a few in here, and some comedies as well. I hope you find some new binge-worthy shows. Happy watching!

1. The Crown

A retelling of the early life and making of Queen Elizabeth II. They really dive into her personal relationships and how it was for her acting as queen. MAJOR PLUS: Matt Smith as young Prince Phillip. Mmm. History Nerds WYA?

2. Scandal

Washington D.C Politicians that are very scandalous, it’s all about the people who make those scandals disappear. And a very, very scandy, and heartbreaking, love triangle. MAJOR PLUS: Scott Foley and Uhhhh, yeah just Scott Foley.

3. On My Block

The most realistic show I have watched about teenagers in a while. All of these teen shows depict teens at these grand parties and they’re all rich and everyone is happy and chad finally wins over Jessica. You know? It’s boring. This is real, about real heartbreak, betrayal, and situations people actually go through. It’s raw, with a hint of comedy. 11/10 recommend.

4. MadMen

I am obsessed with the 1950’s/60’s. This show really feeds my curiosity. From the fashion, the inside of everyday couples marriages, to people of the times’ irrational fear of ”The Bomb”. It is very fascinating. Granted it is slightly annoying due to the extremely misogynistic nature of ALL the men in the show, but again, it was the 50’s.

5. Peaky Blinders

British Gangsters. Guns. Money. Horse racing. British countryside. Cillian Murphy. What more could you ask for in a show? Oh yeah, it’s the 1920’s post WWI, and Blitz. Again, this is one for my history lovers.

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