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Simple Spring Tea Cake

So over winter break I purchased two silicone mini Bundt pans at JoAnn’s on a Christmas sale. I tucked them away, busy with the holiday and then accidentally totally forgot about them. I was doing a cabinet clean out as a part of my spring cleaning and low and behold there they were in the back of the cabinet behind the Tupperware. I knew I had to use them right away, so I quickly whipped up these little tea Bundt cakes. they were so easy and turned out super yummy. They are light and fluffy and the perfect size for everyone in your family to have a little personal Bundt cake, or several all to yourself.

You can order yourself a couple of these amazing pans here: Wilton Silicone Mini Bundt pans

Now onto the recipe…

Simple Spring Tea Cake

  • 1 box of Pillsbury White cake
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 4 egg whites
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla
  • 1/2 cup of melted butter
  • 2 cups of powder sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla
  • 2 strawberries

Start by pre heating the oven to 350 degrees. Now, add the dry mix into a bowl and then stir in the milk, butter and vanilla. The recipe on the box calls for water, and oil, but trust me, this is how you make a box mix taste great. Mix these ingredients until it is a smooth batter. Next separate the 4 egg whites from the yolks and then add them into your batter. Stir the egg whites in thoroughly until they are completely combined. Now that you have finished the batter you can take is and pour it into each little Bundt round filling it about 2/3 full. The amazing thing about these pans is since they are silicone, there is no need to spray, butter, or flour them in advance, you just bake them and then pop them out. Now, put them in the oven and cook for 21 minutes, and when you see them get a little golden brown on the top, that’s how you know they are done. Let them cool for 10 minutes, flip the trey over onto a cooling rack and carefully pop each one out of the tray.

While the cakes were cooling I went ahead and added my powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla together in a bowl to create the icing. Once the cakes are cool you can drizzle the icing over the cakes, or take a mini Bundt, flip it over, and dip it into the bowl so the whole top is evenly coated in icing, like I did.

I served mine with sliced strawberries and vanilla ice cream. They were a post dinner hit and super easy to make. I know these will be a go to treat for me to bake all spring and summer. Bundt cakes are so versatile and you can make so many cake and frosting flavor combinations. I hope you found this helpful, and easy.

Thanks for cooking with me!

XOXO, Chloe

Kentucky Derby Outfits

Hello lovely people! I think we can all agree besides the blooming flowers, and warm, sunny days, nothing signifies spring more than the Kentucky Derby! The Kentucky Derby dates back to the early 1900’s when members of the upper class would gather at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky to watch horses race, place bets, and admire each other dressed in a mass of pastels, mixed prints, and outrageous hats.

I created two looks inspired by this springtime affair. I hope you gather some inspiration from these ensembles for a show-stopping spring outfit, or a Derby outfit of your own if you plan on attending the event this year.

The dress I am wearing I thrifted and it is from London Times. It is a mini dress, that is lace and is pastel yellow.

The hat is a DIY that I made. This hat is neat because I also thrifted the actual hat itself and added ribbon and flowers to it myself. The that is a classic Kentucky Derby style that, but the entire thing is made of gold wiring. I adorned it with a super cute yellow gingham ribbon and beautiful, faux white, pink, yellow flowers and a few single white feathers. This whole DIY that was very easy to make and turned out so cute and perfect for a day at the derby. Lastly, I finished off the entire look with Pearl earrings, a Pearl necklace, a Pearl bracelet, and Nude heels.

The next and final look starts off with this beautiful peach dress from Calvin Klein. It is all crochet lace and has a gold zipper on the back. I love this dress because it is a classic sheath style and gives me a great shape. This light Brown hat is from JCrew and I also added some beautiful faux peonies and green leaves to this one as well as a dainty pink lace ribbon.

Finally I finished off the look with a pearl bracelet and these gorgeous mint colored jewel earrings from Kitsch LA. Definitely go follow their Instagram to shop more of their gorgeous jewelry! @mykitsch

I hope you loved these outfits and hats as much as I enjoyed putting them together! I’ll talk to you in my next post!

Stay Trendy🌸

XOXO, Chloe

19 Things I have learned in 19 years.

As tomorrow is my birthday, I wanted to share with everyone 19 Things I have learned by 19, and little tips for happiness.

This post is special to me, as I love sharing my knowledge with others because you never know how what you know, will influence or impact another person. As I have had many friends and family members share their knowledge of life with me, I’d like to start doing the same.

So Enjoy!

19 Things I have learned in 19 years

1. Minimalism makes for a clear mind. Try it out.

2. Always trust your gut. Secret… *It is actually your brain guiding you.*

3. If you have the opportunity to do something that you don’t normally get to do, do it!

4. Take more photos of you, your family, and your friends. They will be wonderful memories later in life.

5. Travel as much as you can. Even if it’s just an hour out of your town. Take a camera and a map and just drive.

6. Try to do things that scare you more often. I am still working on this one, it is hard, but I know the results will make me such a strong person.

7. Don’t change your direction in life for another person. If you have goals and dreams, execute them, you might regret it later if you don’t.

8. If you know you’re not happy with something, change it. You have control over your thoughts and actions. Find what does makes you happy, then indulge.

9. Rid of any negativity surrounding you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

10. Hug your family members as much as you can.

11. Try cutting out a specific time slot in the day where you check your phone, and then don’t pick it up after that. It has been hard but now I have a whole day with lots of time to do whatever I want to do.

12. Take regular walks in nature to reconnect with your surroundings. You can’t experience nature through a screen.

13. It’s okay to eat the extra cookie.

14. Try and build some routine in your day to day life. Good habits are good for the soul.

15. You don’t have to go to the club every Friday. Movies at home with popcorn and the puppy are just as fun. Take some time for your self and just relax.

16. Speaking of relaxing, go buy yourself a massage or two. Trust me, it’s life changing.

17. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Cliché, I know. But it is so freeing once you consciously stop. Sometimes we don’t even think about it when we do it. You are you. Love yourself for who you are.

18. Read. Read books that bring you joy, read books you’ve never heard of, read books on math, theoretical physics, and books written by Buddhist Monks. You’re brain is a sponge, so read and teach yourself as much as you possibly can. Even if that book is a cook book.

19. Finally, You don’t know everything. A hard pill to swallow, but that’s okay. You’re still learning, and you will continue to learn as you grow and continuously better yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and as much as I enjoyed writing it. It made me very happy and I hope it made you happy as well. Thank you for reading this post, and now that you have implemented #18 already, Go try another number!

XOXO, Chloe